Sunday, April 28, 2019

A Call from a Prophet

As missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints we were called by the Lord through his prophet and assigned to serve in a specific area. Are we committed to doing our best each day to fulfill that call? Have we committed to exact obedience so we can have the Holy Ghost to guide us in our activities each day?

Gary Ames speaking to the students of BYU-Idaho reminded them of the invitation from President Thomas S. Monson in his last conference address that we should read from the Book of Mormon every day. He then asked if they were following the prophet’s call to read every day. He said that maybe we rationalize by saying: “Maybe you feel like that just isn’t the type of person you are and that you can be excused from such counsel. Maybe you just have never liked to read.” (Safety in Prophetic Counsel)

Brother Ames then tells the story of 50-year-old Eli Peirce that was called on a mission from the pulpit in general conference. Brother Peirce was not there in the tabernacle when the call came from the prophet, but a friend sent him a telegraph telling him of the call. He was in his office smoking a pipe and reading a novel when the telegraph came. He often purchased cigars a thousand and was not active in church.

Brother Peirce could have said; he was not the missionary type and would be a waist of his time. Instead as soon as the call he through away the cigars, his pipe, and the novel and went to buy some scriptures. He said: “Remarkable as it may seem . . . a thought of disregarding the call or of refusing to comply never once entered my mind. I have never, for one moment, regretted the sacrifice. . . . And now, after years have passed, I repeat, in words of soberness, that the happiest period of my life was spent in the Master’s service.”

Do we have the faith that helped Brother Peirce succeed as missionaries? Years from now will we be able to say that the happiest period of our lives was spent as a missionary? Are we willing to obey with exactness so that we will have the Holy Ghost to be with us and guide us in our labors every day?

I testify we were called by the Lord through his living prophet to serve in your particular mission for a specific purpose. I know that if we serve with full purpose of heart every day, we will be blessed to find out what that purpose is and fulfill it. I also know if we do this, our time here will be one of the happiest time of our lives.

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