Friday, April 1, 2016

Historic Agreement between the LDS Church and The NCAA

I am definitely going to the conference center for priesthood! tomorrow!

April 1 2016, the LDS Church announced that due to overwhelming demand they will simulcast the NCAA semi final game between North Carolina and Syracuse during the church's General Priesthood Session on Saturday April 2nd. April, a church spokesman, commented "we did not want our priesthood brethren to have to choose between the general priesthood session and the NCAA semi final so we have contracted with the NCAA to broadcast the game on the big screens in the conference center".

One Tar-Heel fan commented "This is such a blessing. I love the priesthood session but I did not want to miss this big game. It is comforting to know the brethren understand how important this is to the Tar-Heel Nation". Otto Orange, President of the LDS Student Association, in an emotional comment said: "When the announcement was made to all the Institute classes this morning you could hear cheers coming from all the classrooms. Student were seen crying they were so relieved that they could attend the priesthood session and not miss the game". 

Elder Jeffry R. Holland, a member of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles and former President of Syracuse University, commented that President Thomas S. Monson, President of the Church and former player at The University of North Carolina, asked us to find a way to make it happen and with divine intervention we were able to get the NCAA to allow the broadcast in the conference center. 

When asked how they will broadcast the game and still have all the talks, one of the technicians involved said that they have developed new technology that will allow the highlights of the game to be broadcast between the speakers. "This is the most advanced technology that has ever been used.We will be able to strip out all the slow parts of the game and just show the exciting plays while still streaming live into the conference center.The speakers all know that their talks may be interrupted whenever something exciting is happening in the game".

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